Things To Do For Thanksgiving In Connecticut

Thanksgiving is almost here. Everyone is excited about their family get-together. Preparing for Thanksgiving could be stressful especially if you are the host of this year’s get-together.

Planning what to eat and what can be done ahead could be stressful. Cleaning the house and preparing for the food you’ll serve could be at the top of your to-do list now. This could be a challenge for you especially if this is your first time to host especially in your new home in a new area. Looking for where to buy your recipes and things needed can be challenging. This is why it is necessary to do some research as to where and what to buy.

In Connecticut, here are three top places where you can buy ingredients for the main dish – the turkey. Fresh as well as frozen turkeys can still be found at many family farms in Connecticut. They are all worth the price and the extra time to pre-order and pick it up. Stock up early, get your turkey ahead of Thanksgiving week. Get your turkey at Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Boston Post Rd, Guildford, CT you may contact them at (203) 453-2771. Or try  Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm in Ekonk Hill Rd, Moosu, CT check their website at Another option is Stone Garden Farms in Saw Mill City Road, Shelton CT. Check them at to pre-order your Thanksgiving turkey. Stone Gardens Farm is also one of Fairfield County’s largest vegetable growers, so you can find everything else you need for your feast at their farm stand.

From stocking up early on your groceries, look for what can be frozen such as desserts or something for an appetizer. Do this first or even make and freeze the gravy, mashed potatoes, and dinner rolls. Thaw your turkey a day or two before you need to cook it. Whether you iron or not, you probably need to pull out napkins, linens, or serving pieces you don’t use frequently, and they often have unexpected stains, weird wrinkles, or a layer of dust from sitting on top of the cabinets. Pull them down, clean them off. You can do these days if not weeks ahead. Lastly, make a schedule of an itinerary for Thanksgiving day. It is essential to have a plan of how the day will go so you can list what needs to be done to prepare for it. Plan the dishes you’ll serve, the table set up, drinks and music.

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