Interesting Features of Living Near These Stratford homes for sale in CT That Make Everyone Love It

When we age, choosing a convenient place to live becomes increasingly important. We make sure that our job, transportation, the school for kids, and leisure activities are all in one place. Most likely, you’ll find these features in a small town or a mid-sized city.  Before visiting these Stratford homes for sale in CT – one of the towns in the area that has convenient features for residents. First, you need to know more about the area and how does your family be like in this place. Stratford is a mid-sized town to anyone interested in finding a friendly and safe place to live and raise kids. Stratford maintains a real small town charm, while also offering a wide variety of retail, dining and service options.

This town is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. With an average population of 52,000 people. Most people in the area own their houses and the area offers a suburban feel. Majority of the people living in Stratford are persons with families also retirees. Check out what are these features in Stratford that these people don’t want to leave the place.

Outdoor Activities

Regardless if you’re heading to the beach because you want to see the water waves, sit on the sand or looking for fun outdoor activities. A day at the beach is priceless. Connecticut is famous in their biking and hiking trails that will make you close to nature. Though beaches would not be so popular especially in the Northeast. And now, it’s time to change your mind when thinking about Connecticut. Short Beach is one of the famous beaches in Stratford that is perfect for a family gathering. This place is filled with amenities-golf, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and bbq stands.

Got Beer

Stratford has a good place for people who would like to hang out and huge fans of beer. Two Roads Brewing Company is in the area for years now. This brewery pub offers a wide selection of beer. If you want to unwind and relieve job stress after work. This is the place to be. Good atmosphere great beer!

Great Walk Outside

Most of us go to a big city to reside because of diversity and more opportunities it has to offer. But for most residents in Stratford and neighboring areas like these Hamden homes for sale in CT, they’ll take it easy. Relax and enjoy what this town has to offer. Lordship Seawall is an excellent place for a walk with loved ones and pets. Beautiful place to see the sunset and the seawall. A very peaceful there are only a few people visits and knows this place. Restaurants are around the area too.

Vignette of Treasures

It’s like traveling back in time. Stratford Antique Center, a place where you can buy Vignette of Treasures.  If you are looking for older exciting things like books, glassware, housewares, records, comics, hats, etc. this is the place to be. Just an advice, make sure you have plenty of time because once you step in and enter their booth you’ll be fascinated and amazed by the things they offer. Perfect for your house or for a gift to loved ones.

Restaurants Around Town

Stratford has also a lot of restaurants in the area serving different cuisines. You can choose from Italian, American, Japanese and more Asian cuisines. These restaurants such as Gaetano’s Deli, and Station Wine Bar and Grill and more.

Moving to a new place could be challenging. It would need time, effort and budget. HJL Realty LLC is a real estate in Connecticut that can help you with these challenges. Contact them today and choose the variety of houses in Stratford and cities within Connecticut.

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