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Buyer Representative

Familiar with the complexity of real estate contracts? Need not to worry, as a buyer’s representative, we cater to all the complexities of purchasing a house. We do it all from securing finances to estimating your budget and prioritizing your expectations for your dream home.

Seller Representative

Selling a house is a big decision and entails a lengthy and intricate process. From reaching to potential buyers to getting desirable value, advertising, planning, budgeting, negotiating, documentation, contracts, it’s quite complicated. With professional Seller’s Representative like us, you just need to sit back and relax and the rest we will do.

Mortgage Calculator

Estimate the monthly payments using a mortgage calculator and calculate any fixed-rate loan, home price, down payment, loan term interest rate and other important factors. Calculate taxes, insurance, principal, interest, and PMI accurately.

Welcome To HJL Realty, LLC

@ HJL REALTY, LLC, we are experts in buying and selling homes all across Connecticut including Fairfield counties and New Haven!

Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord, investor, tenants ready to move in or out of Connecticut, we are here to help. The real estate market in Connecticut is rich and thriving with property and is best for those who want to move in and invest. Property can be of great returns, and hence picking it wisely should be the priority. At HJL Realty, our team of experts is bound to let you meet all your housing needs. From helping you out to get potential property or buyer to accomplishing all the documentation requirements, our experts will help you at every stage. Our serving areas are stretched around local areas of New Haven and Bridgeport and other towns in CT including West Haven, East Haven, and Stamford.

Have any specific real estate needs? Give us a call, we are happy to help.

On our website, we have specific tools to make the process of buying and selling easier. Our team not only eliminates the complications of dealing with a real estate property but also ensures the finest and quick results. Don’t forget to bookmark our website.

Want to sell your home in the State of Connecticut?

Surely, the process is intimidating until you are backed by experts. We are passionate, and self-driven licensed Real Estate Specialists, who value their commitment over anything. Having served for years, we have helped plenty of sellers to sell their properties at the best prices. We have a deep understanding of this market and can do our best to let you make desirable bucks from your property!

Want to purchase a home in Fairfield counties and/or New Haven?

Share your requirements with us and we will help you out with the best properties matching your expectations. We have associates all across Connecticut to reveal prospective properties. We are ready to assist you at every step. Let’s find your dream home together.


Hoffman Jean Louis

Independently Owned

(203) 387-5728

Home Buyers Guide And Tools


Instant Homes


Browse the best of the available properties from a wide range of single-family homes, multi-family homes, duplexes, condominiums.


Before You


Acknowledge your vicinity and amenities it offers.




Find your dream home. At HJL Realty, LLC, our agents will present you with the properties that fulfill your needs. Drop your request for extra requirements in the comment section.




Accurate Calculation in seconds. Know all about your mortgage payments for your home.


Buyer The Home

for the First Time?

Those who are new to the home buying process need to know certain things to make the best out of their investment.



We always aim at building a healthy rapport with our clients and are available for our clients to fulfill all their expectations to own a home. We are just a call away.

Selling With HJL Realty, LLC Step By Step



Initiate to sell

From advertising your property to preparing documents, your HJL Realty, LLC will do it all. As a team of real estate experts, we know how to tackle the intricacies of different projects within the given time frame. You just need to give us a call and rest we will manage.



Optimal Pricing

Pricing is what leads to acceptance or denial of the deal and hence is considered an important step in the selling process. HJL Realty, LLC knows the intricacies pricing may bring and hence price it optimally. With us, your property will be sold at best rates, neither overprices nor underpriced. We manage to price balanced, depending upon the targeted market and your expectations from it.



Marketing at the Best

Marketing a property at the right time and on the right platform brings potential buyers and that too at earliest. HJL Realty, LLC markets your property through social media, web, direct mail, email, and print campaigns to feature it all where the buyer would probably look.



Negotiation For Best Prices 

Negotiation is the key to selling a house, it involves competency and eloquence altogether. At HJL Realty, LLC, we have agents who have a proven track record in negotiation to impact the final sales price. We can help you get the highest prices the buyers are willing to pay. Besides, we will ensure fewer contingencies, best terms, and faster closings.



Thorough Management 

Management is the final stage, HJL Realty, LLC performs it with utter care. When your house is out in market, we will provide you monthly report containing feedback summary, review of planning and execution of marketing activities, preparing contracts, etc. as soon as you sign a contract with us, we will manage the entire process with suitable contractual obligation to ensure that the buyers and their agents with remain bounded with certain time-based terms and conditions.